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Take your game to the next level with HELIOS®. Our technology helps athletes improve by benchmarking their performance, highlighting strengths and weakness in comparison to others their age and providing insights to Get Better, Faster. All from a powerful and user friendly app.


The fastest way to get video highlights for just the moments you're on the ice.

Simply wear your HELIOS® Core during a game that is recorded on LiveBarn, iPhone or iPad, upload the video and instantly watch or download your shift highlights.

No more searching for jersey numbers to manually edit highlights. HELIOS® Instant Video gives you back your time.


Our integrations with Polar and WHOOP enable the Core to automatically pull heart rate (HR) data from your sessions into the HELIOS® App to align your skating performance with your conditioning . A simple one-time setup brings a complete picture of performance and load to your fingertips.


The HELIOS® Core mounts on your existing shoulder pads and uses AI and smart technology to automatically fingerprint your skating stride during practices and games. It is powered by a game-changing Stride Recognition Technology (SRT) that our team from MIT and the NHL developed to track skating performance.

Our solution is smartphone-based so it can be used anywhere you skate. The HELIOS® App highlights your strengths and weaknesses and delivers training insights and recommendations to help you Get Better Faster.

Learn more about the Metrics we track and find answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


As a 20-year plus powerskating coach I've seen a lot of products come and go. I'm so impressed with the way the "Core" brings metrics to life that I can use when coaching my players. Instead of just saying.. that kid has jump, you can literally find out how much...make that kid can fly... well how fast is he actually skating... this is an actual tool that I can use to keep in touch with players when I'm not out there training them.

DuPraw Powerskating

I am extremely happy with the Helios Core. I have all my players wearing them so I can keep constant contact with their skating. As a skating coach the more I know, the more I can develop my athletes to achieve their goals and this product provides that for me.

Ashlea Jones AIT

My 12-year old son has been using the Helios Core and we're already seeing improvement in his stride and explosiveness. The Core and the App were easy to set up and we had data within minutes after his first practice. Wearing the Core provided a sense of excitement and challenge the led to increased attention to performance. The visual data presentations are really impactful and drive my player to continue to put in the hard work.

David M. (Parent)