We are currently delivering performanceĀ benchmarks, progress trackingĀ and insights in the HELIOSā„¢ AppĀ for the following metrics for each practice or game session completed:

These metrics areĀ automaticallyĀ monitored andĀ calculated by theĀ Helios Coreā„¢ device duringĀ the session when the athlete is skating (taking strides).Ā The CoreĀ uses Helios' Stride Recognition Technologyā„¢ (SRT) to understandĀ when the player is and is not actively skating which gives us powerful context for delivering performance results toĀ Heliosā„¢ app.

BelowĀ highlightsĀ how the metrics show up in the app for an individual session (game, in this case) and explains details for each metric.

  • Stride SpeedĀ - the skating speed of the player in units of Miles Per Hour [MPH].
  • AgilityĀ - theĀ rate of stride or foot speed of the skating player in units of Strides Per Minute [SPM].
  • ExplosivenessĀ - a measure of 'how quickly' the skating player gets going (e.g. think thrust/propulsion of theĀ first strides) in units of g-force [g].
  • BalanceĀ - a ratio of Left and Right stride outputs across a session (e.g. what % of strides were Left vs. Right).
  • Stride LoadĀ - a count of strides for a given session in units of Strides [strides].
  • Active TimeĀ - the time actively spent skating in units of minutes [min].
  • Hustle ScoreĀ - an intensity rating of this specific practice or game session compared to yourĀ typical practice or game session. Rated as Low (LOW), Average (AVG), High (HIGH).
  • PointsĀ - a number of points calculated from participation and individual performance against your individual baseline.
  • Heart RateĀ - the average heart rate in beats per minute [bpm]. *when a compatible heart rate chest strap is used.