We are currentlyĀ tracking performance in the HELIOS AppĀ for the following metrics:

These metrics areĀ automaticallyĀ monitored andĀ calculated by theĀ HELIOSĀ Core performance sensor duringĀ the session when the athlete is skating (taking strides).Ā The CoreĀ uses HELIOS' Stride Recognition Technologyā„¢ (SRT) to understandĀ when the player is and is not actively skating which gives us powerful context for delivering performance results toĀ HELIOS App.

BelowĀ highlightsĀ how the metrics show up in the app for an individual session (Game, in this case) and explains details for each metric.

  • Strides - the total count of left and right strides.
  • Stride SpeedĀ - the skating speed in units of Miles Per Hour [MPH] or Kilometers Per Hour [KPH].
  • AgilityĀ - the stride rate or foot speed based on Stride Time inside stride intervalsĀ in units of Strides Per Minute [SPM].
  • ExplosivenessĀ - the acceleration during the first strides of a new stride intervalĀ in units of g-force [g]. This is a measure of 'how quickly' theĀ skaterĀ gets going (e.g. think "push off" of theĀ first 3-5 strides).
  • BalanceĀ - a ratio of left and right strides (e.g. the percent of strides that were left vs. right).
  • Hustle ScoreĀ - an intensity rating of this specific session compared to yourĀ individualĀ baseline rated as Low (LOW), Average (AVG), High (HIGH).
  • Stride LoadĀ - a count of strides for a given session, week, month, all-time in units of strides.
  • Time On Ice (TOI)Ā - the sum of shifts for aĀ GameĀ in units of minutes [min].
  • Stride Time -Ā  the total time spent in stride intervals in units of minutes [min].
  • Active TimeĀ -Ā the total time active in units of minutes [min].
  • Heart RateĀ - heart rate in units of beats per minute [bpm] when a compatibleĀ HR device is used.
  • PointsĀ - the number of points calculatedĀ for participation and performance against your individual baseline.