Making Teams
Better, Faster.

Helping teams and organizations take their coaching and player development to the next level.


Get your player's shift video cut automatically. Invest your time in coaching players, not cutting video.

Help coaches make more informed coaching decisions supported by your players' performance data.

Enable coaches to get the right players on the ice at the right time - based on real-time player game data.

More time coaching, less time cutting video.

Coaches save up to 3 hours per game breaking down video. Player shifts are automatically cut giving coaches and players instant access post game.

Data to accelerate individual player development.

Get individual player breakdowns after games and practices to better understand performance including Strides, Speed, Agility, Hustle, etc.

Full team breakdown at your fingertips.

Did the team have legs today? Now you can have the answer.

Immediately view a detailed breakdown of team and individual performance to better understand the result.

Take your in-game coaching decisions to the next level.

Access a real-time, roster-level breakdown and visuals for Time on Ice, Stride Time, Shifts and more to compare player output and give your team the best chance for success.