Introducing HELIOS™ LIVE

A real-time training app for sports powered by computer vision AI and performance sensor technology

[PORTSMOUTH, March 8, 2022]

Today Helios Sports, Inc. (“HELIOS”) announced the launch of HELIOS™ LIVE, a real-time training app for sports that combines technologies for computer vision artificial intelligence and performance sensor machine learning into one mobile experience running on a single device.

“We believe the future of performance tracking and training in sports is a fusion of sensor and camera technologies to provide the best and most reliable experiences," says Bill Near, Founder and CEO at HELIOS. "LIVE is an important component of the platform HELIOS™ delivers to the developing sports market where decoupling access from infrastructure is critical. It was specifically engineered for athlete development and training use cases where the field of view is focused on an individual athlete and computer vision can add real-time value.”

The technology will be initially deployed with ice hockey skill development coaches focused on skating technique and power skating. Specific use cases include on-ice skating sessions where the skill coach is capturing stationary or follow along video and off-ice skating treadmill sessions where the real-time feedback is visible to both the athlete and skill coach. The solution requires zero infrastructure investment or installation to get started enabling broad access, rapid scalability and easy onboarding.

How it Works

HELIOS™ LIVE allows a skill coach to start a LIVE session on their mobile device that connects to the athlete-in-training’s Helios Core performance sensor to pull real-time metrics. Computer vision algorithms run in parallel to automatically track and deliver real-time visual feedback on biomechanics to the athlete and skill coach including the tracking and measurement of key attributes like Stride Width and Joint Angles. Other features include a record button that saves 10-second blocks of annotated video to the photos app, a pause button to freeze a biomechanics frame for discussion and a drawing tool for placing visual guide lines to aid the athlete in achieving target biomechanics form.

After a LIVE session is complete the full data payload from the performance sensor and computer vision processing are pushed to a cloud data lake where the company is currently aggregating athlete performance data from youth to the pro levels. Athletes can view their completed LIVE session results and recorded video clips alongside their individual practice and game sessions inside the main HELIOS™ Sports app already available on the Apple App Store.

Skill Coach Early Access – Spring 2022

HELIOS™ is now accepting sign-ups from ice hockey skill coaches interested to get early access starting Spring 2022. The technology is positioned as a key tool for accelerating athlete development, differentiating skill brands and creating a digital capture of the time an athlete spends with the skill coach.

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About HELIOS™ 

HELIOS™ is an MIT-founded sports technology platform delivering performance solutions to help developing athletes Get Better, Faster™. The company’s technology solutions require zero new infrastructure enabling broad market opportunities across sports verticals. HELIOS’ proprietary solutions use artificial intelligence and machine learning deployed in sensor and video tech to capture athlete and team performance that is uploaded to a cloud data lake and analyzed to objectively rate performance. A subscription-based membership model delivers performance benchmarking and gamified training experiences to athletes, teams and skill coaches via mobile apps. Helios Hockey is a division of Helios Sports, Inc. (“HELIOS”).