First Official Hockey Game Using Helios™ Smart Technology Played

First Official Hockey Game Using Helios™ Smart Technology Played In Exeter, NH

Portsmouth, NH, 16 NOVEMBER 2020

In-game stride recognition technology has made its debut. Portsmouth based Helios Hockey launched the first of its kind program at The Rinks at Exeter on Saturday November 7th and Sunday November 8th.

Saturday saw stride data from the U15 and U16 Seacoast Performance Academy teams captured during regular team practices and on Sunday, the U16 team skated to a 9-0 victory versus the Northern Jr. Cyclones. Benchmark stride data for speed, acceleration, agility, and balance was captured by the Helios Core™ and is available to coaches and players via the Helios™ mobile app.

Said CEO and Founder Bill Near, “It is an honor to be working with such high-caliber hockey players at Seacoast Performance Academy. These student athletes have bright futures in the sport, so the opportunity to get a baseline stride benchmark on them is quite promising. This program is just the start of a smart and data-driven future Helios is bringing to hockey."

Benchmark data allows athletes and coaches to identify patterns in performance and track relative progress towards individual and team skill development goals.

Seacoast Performance Academy skills coach Mykul Haun: "As a skills coach, the information I receive from the Helios Core will help me focus on the areas which need the greatest aid for improvement for each of our individual athletes. We are just scratching the surface of Helios’ potential and the boys are excited to be beta testing this amazing device. We will be able to maximize Helios’ data output to develop the individual, as well as cultivate our teams overall development”.


About Helios Hockey™

Helios Hockey, Inc. develops technology to help hockey players skate and shoot better. The smart technology uses artificial intelligence to give the developing player a competitive edge to improve by closing the feedback loop on key skating, shooting and stickhandling attributes. Mobile apps deliver real-time and post-session insights for practices and games in addition to engaging training experiences on and off the ice.

The Helios Core™ is a small device that attaches to a player’s shoulder pads and uses artificial intelligence to recognize and monitor skating movements associated with the player’s left and right strides, and then analyze the mechanics of those strides.

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