Eastern Hockey Federation announces HELIOS as Official Performance Tracking System

HELIOS Official Performance Tracking System of the EHF

HELIOS Hockey partners with the Eastern Hockey Federation to Revolutionize Player Development

Boston, MA [September 14, 2023]

The Eastern Hockey Federation (EHF) and HELIOS Hockey are excited to announce a partnership agreement that gives EHF players and organizations significantly discounted access to cutting-edge performance tracking and development tools that were once only available at the professional levels. The agreement also solidifies HELIOS as the Official Performance Tracking System of the EHF.

Investing in the future of player development
This partnership represents a joint investment in setting new standards of excellence that will not only secure EHF's position as the premier youth hockey league in New England but create a magnet for aspiring players. HELIOS Hockey's revolutionary approach to player development, coupled with EHF's commitment to producing talent, promises an unparalleled environment for growth and achievement.

NHL-level tools for personalized development
The introduction of HELIOS Hockey’s NHL-level tools give EHF participants access to individualized feedback that was once exclusive to the highest levels of the sport. Using AI and its patented Stride Recognition Technology (SRT), HELIOS is able to track in real-time a player’s Speed, Agility, Explosiveness, Balance, Hustle Score, Time On Ice and other performance data which can then be viewed on the HELIOS app. Post-game, HELIOS automatically generates player shift videos from LiveBarn, iOS, Android, and other video sources - saving countless hours waiting or searching for player shifts to be cut.

This personalized approach empowers players to pinpoint areas for improvement, parents to track their child’s progress, and coaches to make more informed practice planning, player development, and in-game coaching decisions.

"We are excited to partner with HELIOS and bring a new era of player development to our league," says Billy Jaffe, EHF Director of League Development. "This partnership underscores our commitment to providing our players with the best tools and resources available, fostering growth both on and off the ice."

"The partnership between HELIOS and the Eastern Hockey Federation is a game-changer for player development in the northeast," says Bill Near, CEO of HELIOS. "We are merging state-of-the-art technology with the passion and dedication of EHF to create an environment where players can thrive and reach their full potential."


HELIOS was developed by a team at MIT and the NHL. It is a company dedicated to revolutionizing player development and video technology in the world of hockey and other sports. With cutting-edge tools, HELIOS is committed to elevating the performance of players at all levels.

About Eastern Hockey Federation (EHF):

The Eastern Hockey Federation (EHF), affectionately known as “The Fed,” has been the preeminent youth hockey league in the Northeast since its inception in 2004. Renowned for its commitment to top-tier competition and the development of youth hockey players, the League has grown to include 21 associations with over 6000 players competing at different levels throughout New England. With a rich history and a dedication to excellence, the EHF has consistently produced top talent and annually has teams ranked in the top five nationally. Many top NCAA and NHL players got their start in The Fed.

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